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Group fitness is  for those who thrive in a team environment or enjoy the community of a gym and the competition that can come from working along side others. 

Group classes


This service is for clients who have a specific goal in mind and could use some accountability or guidance to help reach them.

personal training


This service helps clients learn and implement healthy diet principals into their daily life, starting with a  customized nutrition plan to meet their lifestyle and goals.

Nutrition coaching


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Jeremy P.

I cannot say enough good things about the team at OP. Their unique approaching to training and nutrition is exactly what I needed without knowing I needed it. They are serious professionals. I tell everyone I meet about how they need to go to Optimal Performance, no matter what their skill level or goals are.

Clint B.

The reason I came to Optimal was because I was struggling to gain muscle mass, but I gained far more than that through my personal trainers extensive knowledge that was willingly passed on to me.  Because of the team at Optimal I am a stronger, healthier version of myself. 

Katie S.

I was hesitant to join a gym, but Optimal made my experience making the gym a normal part of my routine easy and one I wanted to stick to. My personal trainer Stacy has helped change my perspective on health and my personal fitness and my life is changed for the better because of it! 

Our team of dietitians tested and compiled recipes for all meals, snacks, and desserts, to help keep you on track while you work towards creating healthy eating habits and reaching your goals. 

Find balanced complete meals, protein only options for mixing and matching and plenty of healthy on the go options to fit into your lifestyle easily. 

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